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Article imageThe wolffish has a very characteristic look with the mouth full of teeth, in the back there is crush teeth and in the front sharp teeth. The body is long stretched with a back fin that starts at the head and ends in front of the tailfin. It feeding mostly on mussels, crabs and sea urchins. The wolffish can get up to 140 cm and have weight of over 25 kg. You often find it on mixed seabeds with sand and stones, and it likes to appear in holes in the bottom among stones. Good fishing deeps are between 20-50 metres and the best time is May-July. When it comes to the bait selection, is it a good tip to remove the treble hook from a pirk and instead equip the pirk with 20 cm monofilament and a single hook. The best baits are blue mussels and coalfish fillets. Bounce the pirk on the bottom.