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Article imageThe halibut is the biggest flatfish and have a more long stretched body shape than other flatfish. The colour can vary from light yellow to really dark brown. The halibut can be up to 3,5 meters long and reach a weight of around 400kg. Professional fishermen catch halibuts over 200kg every year in this area. It feeding mostly on fish, for example cod, herring and coalfish. But it also feeds on octopus and crabs. You find the halibut on sand-, gravel- and stone bottoms on 5-2000 metres deep. The best spots is normally sandy areas with a deep around 10-40m, where it´s close to really deep water. The halibut hunts both pelagic and along the bottom.
Article imageSoft bait shads around 100-400g works perfect for the halibut. Vary the way you fishing with them, try both at the bottom and higher up in the water. Fishing with natural bait is another effective method. Use a whole herring or coalfish under a pirk or on a tackle with a boom. Attach one hook in the mouth and one in the back of the bait fish. The fishing for halibut is normally best when there is much current in the water. A couple of hours before high tide and low tide is normally the best time.