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Article imageCod is the most common fish to catch here. The colour on the cod can vary, everything from yellow, brown, red to grey is common. The colour is depending on bottom conditions. The cod can reach a weight of around 60kg and it feeding mostly on fish but also octopus, shrimps and worms. The best time to catch really big cod is during February-April when the skrei (big spawning cod from Barents Sea) reach our area. This time of the year you have the chance to catch 30kg+ cod and the average size of the fish is around 10kg. The stationary coastal cod makes it possible to have good fishing for cod all year around. The cod don´t use to be fastidious and bites on all kind of artificial and natural baits. Soft bait shads and pirks works perfect. By using a whole herring or coalfish as bait you get rid of the small cods and have a better chance to catch the big ones.