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Article imageThe coalfish belongs to the cod family. The back has a black colour and the sides a silver/grey colour. The coalfish can reach a length of 130 cm and a weight of over 25 kg. It's often hunting in large shoals in the pelagic zone. The food mostly consists of small fish like herring and sand eels. The best time for the big coalfish is May-September. Soft bait shads works perfect for the coalfish. But you can also catch it with some gummimakks and a pirk. The most important is that the lure is in movement all the time. It's also important to find the right deep. When you find the coalfish, just drop the lure to the same deep again. Sometimes a line counter reel can be a benefit. You easily catch the small coalfish with a sabiki rig. This small coalfish is excellent bait for bigger fish like cod and halibut.